netMAXX 3000 – networked magazine

netEX – networked experience
represents the service environment of The Network ([NewMediaArtprojectNetwork]:||cologne)

netEX includes a section of internal and external calls and deadlines, a download section containing textual documents related to the activities of Agricola de Cologne and project environments of The Network, further the central link section of The Network, more services are currently in preparation.

The section of externall calls & deadlines is focussed mainly on global aspects, supporting smaller festival events and encouraging culturally active people to face the global culture, adressed in first place to artists participating in the network already, but beyond that to the entire global community.

netMAXX is not only the magazine platform for publishing announcements for the artists, institutions and organisations affiliated to [The Network], but is generally open for relevant announcements in the field of art, technologie and New media.

Redaction: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

netEX – networked experience

netMAXX – magazine

Send your announcements and press releases to
netex (at)