BuSho – Budapest Shortfilm Festival

Int. Budapest Short Film Festival

BuSHo – Budapest International Shortfilm Festival
www.busho.hu – is one of the festival partnes of CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival.
This short profile wants to bring this festival closer to the audience, a more detailed profile can be downloaded as PDF at the end of this article


Compulsory short program!
5th BuSho Internatinal Short Film Festival, 1-6. September 2009
Vörösmarty Cinema / DocuArt Shed


The Idea of the BuSho (Budapest Short) International Short Film Festival presented itself in the heads of some young Hungarian Filmmakers, but during the years it became clear that it was about much more. The festival was born to give the more and more thriving short film-society a scene to introduce itself in the capital, and young titans the possibility to prove their talent in an international field.

BuSho Fim Festival location

The international feedback „BuSho Vision is not a media campaign against the US President!” or „BUSHO is the evidence of the „raison d`étre” of the short film” were kind of international confirmation to the Budapest Short Film Festival, which is the biggest Hungarian festival screening solely short films; so we felt mandated to continue the work and organized the 4th BuSho in autumn of 2008.

After the end of the entry deadline it turned out that 2008 was the first year in which we couldn’t double the entries (2005- 94, 2006-171, 2007-360), but we aren’t really sad about it… The five-member pre-jury was made up of Hungarian young filmmakers. They selected from the 630 entries 90 films into the competition program and 130 works into the information screenings.

BuSho _ Festival location interior

The festival is free for the public right from the start, accomodation and full board are provided for the international professional scientists and filmmakers and for the staff taking part in the organization. The decision of the international jury is justified by the further success of the prized films on international festivals. We have screenings on 12 universities involving the National Student Jury, we organized an animation workshop this year for the second time, with the helping hands of the professors of the University of Arts and Crafts. We emphasise the accompanying outings, too, with international concerts, feature films, exhibitions and performances.

In 2008 the 5-member international jury has given the Gold BuSho to the film entitled Traumatology, directed by Daniel Sanchez Arévalo. This year’s (as last year’s) Silver Busho was given to a Hungarian work, e.g. Original Lager of Balázs Simonyi. The Bronce BuSho prize went to Stephan Stuckert for his film entitled Medium rare.


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