Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery

City Art Gallery Kharkiv/Ukraine

Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery
(partner of CologneOFF 2011 Kharkov – 17-18-19 March 2011
in cooperation with the Goethe Institute Ukraine and Nürnberg House Kharkiv)

Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery (MG) is the only one of gallery, which provides contemporary art in Kharkov. It started activities in 1996. Since then the Gallery has organized around 1000 exhibitions, curatorial projects and art actions both at the Gallery area and outside.

Now MG holds the international festival of the youth projects “Non Stop Media” (since 2003), Street Art Fest (since 2008). Main circle of the Gallery authors includes famous artists of Kharkov, leading masters of modern and contemporary Ukrainian art – participants of prestigious national and foreign exhibitions, working in painting, graphics, sculpture, art photography, art design, prints, art-objects, installations, new media and other techniques.

City Art Gallery Kharkiv/Ukraine

MG is a famous centre of contemporary art in Kharkov, so the exhibition plan of MG is saturated and known for two years forward. The exhibitions change every two weeks. Besides Kharkov artists in plan of 2011 year are artist from the USA, Germany, Norway, another cities of Ukraine. Against a background constant expositions MG spends different art-events. The Long Night of Museums will be in May 15: MG manages this event in Kharkov (since 2009), 8 art institution took part in it in 2010.

MG regulary supports young artists with Non Stop Media Fest. Next fest will be in 2012 Spring and include contemporary art in the various forms.
Amongst dynamic international MG’s exhibition activities we can note the costant collaboration with Sweden and Poland partners. In 2009 MG made 3 social project of Swedish and Ukrainian authors on the Gogolfest in Arsenal (Kiev, Ukraine, catalog). MG works with Sweden not only one time: in 2007 was Ukrainian-Sweden workshop and exhibition project “Urban Structures” in Getteborg and Kharkov. MG made several project in Poznan (Poland) too. There were International Art Project «Bridge. Poznan-Kharkov-Hanover» (2001), “Kharkiv Photography” (2004), exhibition of young Kharkiv photographers (2006), “Non-Stop Art”: exhibition of young Kharkov artists at the frame of program “Ukrainian spring”(2008).

City Art Gallery Kharkiv/Ukraine



Kharkov City Art Gallery – one of the first galleries in Ukraine with municipal status, founded at the end of 1996. From 1997 it is a member of Association of Art-Galleries of Ukraine.

Director: Tatyana Tumasyan.

Gallery popularize the contemporary art and first of all artists works of Kharkov and Ukraine.
Long-term Gallery programs that are turn to realization of this task: «Kharkov – Art», «Masters», «Our Heritage», «Contemporary Foreign Art», «Russian Palette», «From Private and Museum Collections», «New Names», «Experimental Studio», «Youth Branch».

Every 2 weeks we have a new exposition in the Gallery.

Main circle of the Gallery authors includes famous artists of Kharkov, leading masters of modern and contemporary Ukrainian art – participants of prestigious national and foreign exhibitions, working in painting, graphics, sculpture, art photography, art design, prints, art-objects, installations, new media and other techniques.

Among them: the graphic artists – Pavel Makov, Natalia Mironenko (Honoured Ukrainian Artist), Elena Kudinova, Oleg Veklenko (Honoured Ukrainian Artist), painters – Alexey Borisov, Alexander Vlasenko, Victor Gontarov (People’s Ukrainian Artist), Dmitry Danish, Alexey Esyunin, Vitaly Kulikov, Vachagan Norazyan, Andrew Pichahchi, Viktor Sidorenko (People’s Ukrainian Artist), Vitaly Smahtin, Yuriy Shein, Edward Yashin, designers – Vladimir Bondarenko, Yuriy Ryntovt, Sergey Tynynyka, sculptors – Anna Ivanova, Vladimir Kochmar, Alexander Kovalev, Alexander Ridnyi (Honoured Ukrainian Artist), Sergey Sbitnev, photographers – Sergei Bratkov, Vladimir Bysov, Oleg Malevanniy, Eugen Pavlov, Sergey Solonskiy, Alexander Suprun, etc.

City Art Gallery Kharkiv/Ukraine

For the time of existence the Gallery became a popular center of contemporary art, famous and authoritative beyond the bounds of the Kharkov and Ukraine. Since then the Gallery has organized more than 500 exhibitions, curatorial projects and art actions both at the Gallery area and outside. It also organized set of personal exhibitions and author’s artist projects from Kharkov, Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Lvov, Poltava, Simferopol, Moscow, Nalchik, Penza, Arkhangelsk, Yerevan, Tashkent, Vilnius, Warsaw, Vienna, London, Paris, Nuremberg, Poznan, Syufolka, Cincinnati, and about 50 group exhibitions of foreign authors from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, France, USA, Iran, Serbia, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Israel, Armenia, and Uzbekistan.

As result of art rating of Association of Art Galleries of Ukraine in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,2006/2007 Kharkov Art Gallery permanently is ranked as one of the first leading galleries and art centers of Ukraine.

City Art Gallery Kharkiv/Ukraine

General traveling (outdoors) action, projects of the Gallery for last years:

2010 Project «Made in Kharkov», international art fair «Art-Kiev contemporary 2010», Kyiv, Ukraine, catalog.

2010 Exhibition of laureates of the Festival «NON STOP MEDIA-V», festival «The week of actual art» (Tuzhden’ suchasnogo mystectva), Lviv, Ukraine.

2010 Project “Tin’s history” of laureates of Festival «NON STOP MEDIA-V», “Balaklava’s Odyssey” Fest, Sheremetyev museum, Sevastopol.

2010 Vitaly Kulikov’s exhibition and presentation of author’s monographic album, Exhibition Hall of the Institute of Contemporary Art, National Academy of Arts, Kiev, catalog / album.

2009 Project “24 hours on a stool” festival “Week of actual Art”, Lviv, Ukraine

2009 3 social project of Swedish and Ukrainian authors. Gogolfest, Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine, catalog.

2009 Project “Incompatible compatibility”, Museum of Literature, Kharkov.

2008 Project “Laboratory of Ukrainian photos», III International Festival of Photography “Kievfotokom”, Kyiv, gallery “Lavra” directory.

2008 “Other Capital – new Kharkov’s photography”, St. Petersburg, Russia, National Center of Photography ROSPHOTO, booklet.

2008 Exhibition of winners and nominees of the Youth Festival projects «NON STOP MEDIA», Poznan, Poland, booklet.

2008 “People and Idols”: art project at the frame of Curators’ Cartel during the “GogolFest” Festival, Kiev, Arsenal, catalogue;

2008 “Games with the Time”: sculpture objects by Alexander Ridny and Anna Ivanova, CCA “Soviart”, Kyiv, booklet.

2007 Ukrainian-Sweden workshop and exhibition project “Urban Structures”, Getteborg-Kharkov.

2007 “Kharkiv Day”: master-class of Y.Ryntovt, designer, performance of youth literature, concert of Sergey Babkin in frames of International competition of visual arts EIDOS, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, booklet.
The Gallery organizes own collection – basis of future municipal collection of contemporary art. At present the collection consists about 80 works: painting, graphics, sculpture, prints, objects, photo of famous Kharkov authors and artists from Russia, Israel, Germany and the USA.

Besides the exhibition activity one of the priority directions of Gallery activity is informational. The Gallery forms database of visual art of Kharkov that includes in the first place information about art events and artists of the Gallery.

The Gallery is co-founder of «Gallery» magazine of Association of Galleries of Ukraine.
In 1997-1998 on the Gallery base it was come out an author’s telecast «Gallery of Contemporary Art».

Publications about the Gallery are routinely printed in the local and central press, in the «Vaterpas», «Art-Line», «Gallery», «ACC», «Ukrainian Art» (Kiev), «Art Council» (Moscow) magazines and other profile editions (1996 – 2004).

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15 Chernyshevskogo St.,
Kharkov, 61057, Ukraine.
Phone/fax: + 38 057 706 16 20

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