FONLAD – Digital Art Festival

IC0 Cultural Association presents
FONLAD - Online Digital Art Festival
[CologneOFF partner festival 2009]
FONLAD - Online Digital Art Festival
Fonlad at MIDAC

The art of the XXI century is headed sharply to a digital form where the support is no longer the object: in the wide world before us through the thousands of computer networks that link us all over the world, the Internet becomes not only as a important mean of artistic disseminating but also a creative one.

FONLAD - Online Digital Art Festival
Bitquid, Jeroen Holthius

It appears as a hidden world to the sight (the digital world requires to be perceived a computer screen), another world (virtual and not real) is difficult to see beyond the bright pixels that separate it from our reality. To know this world, to realize their creative potential, we must interact with it.

FONLAD - Online Digital Art Festival
Invisible Cities, Tatiana Santos

Intending to bring this world to the general public, through exposure on the Internet and in physical spaces, the IC0 Cultural Association presents the fifth FONLAD festival.
The Online Festival of Digital Arts is an event focused on the Internet in the format of a publication / web gallery of art projects of photography, digital painting, web art, animation and video. Since its first edition, the festival is complemented by exhibitions of international scope: Madrid (1st edition), Coimbra (2nd edition), Montemor-o-Velho (3rd edition + collection), Madeira’s Biennale -Funchal (4th edition + collection),
Belforte del Chienti , Italy (collection) and finally in Guarda (5th edition).
During these 5 years this festival was attended about 170 artists, including some names of international relevance, such as Annie Abrahams, Agricola de Cologne, Caterina Davinio and Jody Zellen.

FONLAD is curated by José Vieira

FONLAD - Online Digital Art Festival
Landscape murder, Jorge Simões

FONLAD #05_09 ‐ Digital Landscapes
14 Nov. 2009 ‐ 3 Jan. 2010
Exhibition curated by José Vieira in
TMG Gallery, Guarda ‐ Portugal

Timetable: Tuesday to Friday: 16h00 to 19h00 and 20h30 to 23h00 Saturday: 14h00 to 19h00 and 20h30 to 23h00 Sunday: 14h00 to 19h00


Conference and book presentation
TMG Coffee Concert, 14 November, 16h00

Video projections curated by Agicola de Cologne
TMG Coffee Concert, 24 and 25 November, 21h30

Fonlad ’09 artists
Agricola de Cologne (Germany, web art / video), Alfonso Caputo (Italy, digital painting), Antonio Azenha (Portugal, photography), Arthur Tuoto (Brazil, video), Benvinda Araujo (Portugal, photography), Boskizzi (Italy, photography), Cecilia Urioste (Brazil, photography), Cesar Peralta (Brazil, digital painting), Chirstin Bolewski (Germany, video), Christopher Cassidy (United States, video), Clint Enns (Canada, video), David Burns (United States, video), Ebert Brothers (Germany, video), Gideon Barnet (United States, web art), Henry Gwiazda (United States, video), Irad Lee (Germany, web art / video), Joana Soberano (Portugal, video), Jeroen Holthius (Holand, photography), Joe Reinsel (United States, video), Jose Carlos Nascimento (Portugal, photography), Jorge Simões (Portugal, photography), José Higino (Portugal, digital painting), José Pedro Reis (Portugal, photography), Julian Koncsak (United States, web art), Katie Bush (United States, digital painting), Maciej Miskievics (Ireland, video), Marco Bonvini (Italy, photography), Miriam Duarte (Brazil, web art), Pato (Portugal, digital painting), Patrick Millard (United States, photography), Paulo Corte Real (Portugal, digital painting), Phill Stearns (United States, video), Rui F. Antunes (Portugal, web art), Samuel Monnier (Switzerland, digital painting), Tatiana Santos (Portugal, photography).

FONLAD - Online Digital Art Festival
Patience within the antechamber, Patrick Millard


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