MUV – Music & Digital Art Festival Florence

Music & Digital Art Festival Florence/Italy

MUV – Music & Digital Art Festival
5th edition:Digital Nature
CologneOFF partner festival 2009


Firenze – Sferisterio “Tamburello” 9-14 june 2009
Via del Fosso Macinante 9, Parco delle Cascine

A project by:
Associazione culturale MUV, INTOOITIV, organization of events.
In collaboration with: Comune di Firenze – Assessorato alla Cultura – Firenze Estate 2009 – Regione Toscana – Provincia di Firenze – Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili – APT Firenze

MUV - Music & Digital Art Festival 2008

Muv is an event that explores a world of language that intersect: digital arts, electronic music and audiovisual testing.
Now in its fifth edition, the festival will be held on June 9-14 2009 in the beautiful location of Sferisterio “Tamburello”, Parco delle Cascine of Florence and is organized by the cultural association Muv and Intooitiv in collaboration with the Florence Department of Culture, as part of cultural activities in Firenze Estate 2009.
The new edition of music and digital arts festival opens this year with the current issues of environmental sustainability and invites investigators electronic, techno-visionaries, designers of the immaterial, designers capable to think about a sustainable future, where evolved technology is the best antidote to the destruction of the planet.
Greenpeace Italia will present during the days of festival, the last edition of “Ecoguida of electronic products”, that draws up a list of the companies involved in high-tech field, according to their policies of substitution of hazardous substances and withdrawal recycling of obsolete products. In collaboration with Mediarc.

MUV - Music & Digital Art Festival 2008

Among the International guests of the fifth edition of the festival, MUV will present: Robert Hood, founder with Jeff Mills of the Detroit-techno, and recently author of the revival of the historic label m-plant. More important news coming from Latino America, the Chilean dj Dinky, princess of the new electronic-house scene and with the Venezuelan Argenis Brito, Señor Coconut project’s voice, creator of a live set that involves his Latin American soul, but close to the console of a great part of Europe. One of the best techno-funk group is: Detroit Grand Pubahs and they will bring in Florence a kind of explosive performance. The German innovative live set Glitterbug will introduce Supershelter (one of the best albums of the year, up to Groove magazine). The Canadian artist Deadbeat, proposing a mixture of tech-house and reggae, will match the voice of Paul St.Hilaire aka Tikiman, one of the most important member of the Berlin Dub scene. The event looks at one best indie-electro productions too, by the live performances of the Londoners AutoKratz, acting for French label Kitsune and creators of successful remixes for Underworld and Fischerspooner.
Besides those international headliners there’s room for brand-new Dub step project Backwords, compound by ¾ of Casino Royale’s band (Alioscia, Patrick Benifei, Michele Pauli aka il Pardo) and Alberto Tucci aka TuzZy of the Cayorosso.
Calendar also adds other important names, national & international, including: Incite, The Subs, Backwords, Otolab, Metùo, Andrea Rucci, Xx + Xy, Soulseek sound, Nu Combo, Numa Crew, Fake Disco, Oscar Vedmer, Maggie Pie, Diamondog!, Congorock, Gabri T, B.Green & Redmond, Christiano, Iommi, Umberto Saba, Ffh, Tullo Soldja, Today With, Uaui & Ponz, The Clover, Rufus, Michele Galiano, Marco Solforetti, Angy D’Ambrosio, Mass Prod, Minimono, Philipp & Cole, Airone, Time to sleep, Pornorobotz, Urtropode, Selfish, Influx, Visual lab, Werk.

MUV - Music & Digital Art Festival 2008

The video contest of the festival entitled “Digital nature” edited by Andrea Mi appealed to all the artist who express themselves through videos, inviting them to compare the environmental themes. Each participant will compete with just one video-work, maximum length: 4 minutes. Videos submitted, will be selected by the festival organization and by a jury made of artists and professionals.
Registration for competition is free, to participate please download the application form by the web site, fullfill it and mail it.
The organization will notify the winners during the evening awards ceremony. As first prize winner will get an “Edirol V4 mixer video machine”; as second placement: “The FakeFactory” Florence (one of the professional reality in video-design most prestigious in Europe), will give the opportunity to work on post-production of his tape, trough a gentlemen’s agreement. Third ranked video will be included on the official Muv 2009’s promotional DVD.

Wide space within the festival is dedicated every year to the training in digital arts. On 12 and 13 June in the center seat of Tempo Reale Florence, one of the main European reference for research, productions and training in the new music technologies, will be a workshop dedicated to learning the basic techniques of programming Max/MSP, an interactive graphical environment for music, audio and multimedia. The course is for maximum of 15 members and is open to musicians, technicians and enthusiast, who have the skills and basic specifications. From June 10/13 will also propose at La Casa della Creatività an audio-visual design and live media workshop managed by the collective Otolab of Milano and Marco Mancuso, critic, curator and director of Digicult. Supervised by three teachers, the students learning the basics to using Isadora (modular software for real-time management of multimedia material) and they will apply these for creating project group based on the live video input. The audio portion will be a first approach to Ableton (software for music production and editing), which groups can act on semi, provider by teachers in order to build audio-visual interactions. The aim of the course is the learning a first level knowledge on method, theory and techniques necessary to the development of audio-visual performances. To take part in workshop download the forms of participation on the site of the festival.

MUV - Music & Digital Art Festival 2008

The review compares the best of youth production with well-knows artist’s video work. The selection presents various kinds of video-work, selected on criteria of innovation and ability to combine technology and creativity in an original way.

During this edition will present some projects from the following festival:

404 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ELETRONIC ART (Rosario (ARG): selection of the best video Post Electronic Art
MEDIARC International festival of architecture on video
LPM Live Performers Meeting: special selection 2008

The video zone will be set up with comfortable chairs in latex recycle 100% gladdening public’s body and listening. The Main stage establishment will give special attention to lights, in order to create soft surreal atmosphere which allow a perfect vision of the live/djs performances and, on the other, the clear vision of video installation.

The festival always take an interest in development of new technology, then the fifth edition of Muv festival, brings with it, another interesting news:

During is fifth year of live Muv launches on its web site and on podcasts of the main guests of the festival. Each week the site will be update with a new free, downloadable audio content.

Associazione culturale Muv
Tel: 055/6530215

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